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Low-Code development

I have been lately intrigued about low-code platforms. The possibility that you could create business applications with much less work and skip all the repetitive work sounds fascinating. I like developing solutions, but my motivation is much more in the outcome than with the tools that I use. So, having this kind of tool that would help me in development and skip most of the boring work would be interesting. I am a little skeptical about the notion of “citizen developer”. If all of the business folks could do their own applications, the IT landscape would be filled with these little applications and while these might help in some parts of the process, I am a little skeptical would it help in the bigger picture. At least some kind of governance and process would be needed.
But having these tools in the hands of the developers is another thing. I these tools would really help with the development and would drastically lower the development time, then these could be useful. There is however a lot of things to consider. These are not cheap and the “vendor locking” is a problem when using these, the more you use these, the more you pay. And you are also deeper in the rabbit hole. But still… If you could strike a balance between off the shelf software, custom software, and these low-code tools.
Does anyone have any experience using these? I know that PowerApps is getting quite a lot of traction but has someone tried Mendix, Outsystems, or Appian? Also, I would be interested in experiences with any of these (PowerApps, Mendix, Outsystems, Appian), do they add value and do most things that they promise?

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