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React popularity.

I have been creating web applications with all of the “big frameworks” (React, Angular,Vue) and I must admit that I like Angular the most. Especially in “enterprise applications”, I like the form handling and standard way of doing it. With React you have the problem that there are so many different libraries for routing, form handling, etc. I have stumbled on projects where there are many same kinds of libraries used. Part of the application might be using Redux and Thunk, where part of the application might be using React Context and Hooks. Then there might be many form validation libraries used. All these different kinds of libraries come with a learning curve. Also, I would argue that in most “enterprise applications” there is not much use of state that would warrant the use of the Redux. Redux comes with quite a lot of boilerplate code and I would always like to keep the code as short as possible. 

React in my opinion is best suited for consumer-facing applications where Angular is better suited for enterprise applications with a lot of forms and possibly many developers. In many comparisons, it is stated that React would not have so steep a learning curve as Angular. But when you add all the libraries that you need to use with React to get the same functionality as in Angular, you might have an even steeper learning curve. Especially when you try to decide which library to use.

Having looked at many React projects, one thing that I find a bit irritating is that even if I consider knowing React, there has been a learning curve moving from one project to another. In enterprise applications, I think that uniformity is the key to good maintainability and sustainability. 

Vue seems interesting and I have used it in one project, it seems to strike a good balance between these two but unfortunately, it is not so popular. 

Of course, all this depends on what your developers currently use and what they prefer, there is no right or wrong and the answer is always: “it depends”. 

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